Welcome to we_create's Website!

Welcome to we_create’s Website! Currently our site is under construction. Please bear with us as we make edits to our site. In the meantime, stay tuned for a soon-coming crowdfunding campaign to get our Arduino User Group up and running!

Check out some of our awesome group projects at the gallery!

Arduino is now more accessible than ever before!

We are an Arduino User Group with the mission of helping the Arduino community, whether locally or globally, 


A normal Arduino starter kit would have you overwhelmed by the time you open the package. ArduWeGo only gives you the things you need to get started in the Base Kit.

It Gives You Freedom

Add-on kits give you the opportunity to focus on whatever aspect of Arduino you would like. From robotics to the IoT, ArduWeGo gives you the flexibility you desire when getting started.

It's Cheap

Our kit is more inexpensive than most kits you will find on the market. Knock-offs are the only price competitors, and their boards are inferior to the official Uno.

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simply arduino

Cheap. Easy. Fun.

Most Arduino kits are either very expensive or use off-brand boards. Many people are turned away from buying kits using the official Arduino Uno because they can easily cost $100 or more. As a result, they buy cheap knock-offs that are a waste of money, time, and effort. Arduino becomes a problem rather than a fun hobby.

This is why we_create decided to create ArduWeGo. We are helping the world learn that Arduino can be fun, easy, and cheap at the same time. Our kit is not overwhelming and comes with detailed instructions. ArduWeGo makes Arduino fun for everyone ages 10-110.

ArduWeGo will be on Kickstarter in the upcoming weeks. Take a look at our project and see for yourself how cool ArduWeGo is. Click the link below for more information!

beyond the board

Training the next generation

We offer free tutorials and project ideas for the community of Arduino users. Our projects include everything from greenhouse monitoring to alarm clocks—and they are all open-source and simple for anyone who wants to put their skills to use.

In addition, we are helping our community with their needs. We have created projects that are meant to help people save time, energy, and money. We sometimes even donate projects to people and help them set up the projects. This has included a remote-control camera and a greenhouse system.

We are also helping kids to learn STEAM skills. Arduino is based heavily on STEAM concepts, and using Arduino, we are making STEAM fun for kids. We spend a lot of our time visiting schools and helping kids learn about how awesome Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (yes, Arduino is an art), and Math can be.

But we can’t do this without your support. With your help, we can continue to build and donate projects to our community. We can create tutorials for the benefit of all who read. Together, we can make the world a better place through Arduino.