Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that allows people to program everything from robots to greenhouse systems and everything in between. The Arduino Uno (right) is the simplest and cheapest official Arduino board. It includes 13 digital pins, six analog pins, and other pins for ground, power, and other assorted pins. This board can be coded using the Arduino IDE, which is a free software that can be downloaded from Arduino’s website.

Emergency SOS LED Light
SOS Signal Project (we_create's first project)

We have many projects designed to help new users get started.  The project you see (left) is our very first group project. Since then, we have expanded our scope to other projects, including a greenhouse monitoring system and a remote-control camera.

In addition to our projects, we also have a number of tutorials to help any new Arduino user get started with the world of Arduino technology. We have free tutorials on this website, and we offer video courses on Udemy for a minimal cost. Also, if you support us on Patreon, you will get access to many patron-only tutorials. Our group is dedicated and ready to help any Arduino novice get started!

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