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You can now support we_create on Patreon! This will allow us to accomplish our goals and fulfill our mission. With your help, we can continue to help the local community with projects and be able to provide the global community with Arduino tutorials. On our Patreon page, we allow you to support us every month in return for several special, patron-only items such as bimonthly 1-minute Arduino tidbits and programming tidbits, we_create merch, and our Monthly Build live stream! There are different tier levels that allow you to support us with whatever you can afford.

we_create Patreon page
The title section of our Patreon page

Some people are asking, “Why aren’t you doing the Kickstarter campaign?” After much thought and study, the members of we_create decided to change our aim. We knew that we needed a way to fundraise for the group, but most options were unrealistic. We thought that creating an Arduino-based product would be good. However, we realized that we could not do that. We needed a different way to get supporters.

For a brief period of time, we considered becoming a non-profit organization. But, being mostly made of students, we would not have the time to start a non-profit. That’s why we chose to begin using Patreon. Because of Patreon, we can now begin to fund our projects. Whether our tutorials, our community service projects, or even a student convention, we can now get the funding necessary to fulfill our goal.

For a limited time only, we are hosting a special offer! If you support us at any level, we will place you on our founder’s list on our (future) credits page! Even if you only support us for $1 a month. And, in addition, you know that you helped someone learn about the wonders of technology. How much better can it get?!

This offer is only available through October 31, so don’t hesitate! Sign up today!

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  1. This is awesome! I’m so excited to see us growing!

  2. Yes, please support! I’m excited! Until October 31, you can get on the founder’s list on our (future) credits page!!! Support now or forever hold your Arduino board!

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